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War Thunder is a cross platform, free to play massively multiplayer online vehicular combat game that puts players into World War II and Korean War era planes and tanks. War Thunder is availbale for a number of operating systems and platforms and is cross-platform compatible. Currently War Thunder is available for Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Nvidia Shield Android TV.

Combat in War of Thunder takes place on land, sea and air as players battle against other live players in an game world that is continually being developed and expanded. Development on War Thunder began in 2009 with the first public general release coming in 2012. The first few releases of War Thunder included air combat with World War II and Korean War era planes. It has since expanded to include tank combat and is planned to include naval combat in the future.

The game was released on a free to play model where by players can obtain nearly ever feature the game has to offer without having to spend any money. However the game does include premium accounts where players can spend real money on microtransactions to unlock certain features faster than if they were required to complete a certain in-game objective.

The game is completely free to download from the official site, WarThunder.com and via Steam. You will need to register an account with WarThunder.com or if you opt to install and download via Steam, that will use your Steam account/handle. The versions are identical. There are various DLCs and packs available on both Steam and the official site which are paid content. More on War Thunder, the various game packs and premium content can be found on the War Thunder FAQ page.

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