FreeOrion Gameplay Tutorial

This is one of the best game play video tutorials available for FreeOrion, the turn based strategy game inspired by Master of Orion. The tutorial runs about 18 minutes in length and should provide you with enough information to get started playing the game.

Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds Official Trailer

The Path of Exile: Atlas of World Official Trailer shows off some cinematic cut scenes and game play that you can expect to see in the latest expansion for the action role playing game Path of Exile. The expansion was released in September 2016 and includes 30 new maps, 19 new bosses which equate to hours of new fantasy RPG goodness. The Path of Exile: Atlas of World trailer comes in at just over ...[Read More]

0 A.D. Strategy Guide Pt. 1

Here’s a game play video for 0 A.D. the real time strategy game that is available for free download. This has been posted by WretchedJ, who has posted a number of game play videos and tutorials for all types of games including Civilization V, and this real time strategy game 0 A.D. This is the first in a four part Strategy guide series with each part running approximately 10 minutes in lengt...[Read More]

War Thunder Universe: Game Released! Trailer

Here is the two minute trailer for the latest War Thunder release. War Thunder was officially released on Dec 21, 2016 after a number of years in pre-release/beta testing. The game features massively multiplayer action with players piloting World War II aircraft, tanks and more. War Thunder is a free to play game that offers the full game for free with the option to pay micro-transactions to gain ...[Read More]

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Gameplay Video

Here is a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game play video uploaded in 2016 that shows the game is alive and well with a number of active servers hosting multiplayer games. The Wolfenstein game play trailer is just over 30 minutes in length and is a great look at the type of games and action that are still available some 13+ years after the game’s release.

Alien Arena Gameplay

The Alien Arena gameplay video from Bhoomy Gamer shows off the actual gameplay that can be expected in Alien Arena. The few rounds shown in the video runs just over six minutes which is more than enough to check out the game’s graphics and fast paced action. Alien Arena, formerly know as CodeRED: Alien Arena is an open source first person shooter game and free PC game that is available for W...[Read More]

Cave Story (Original) – The Beginning (Part 1, Mini Boss)

Part 1 of 10 of a series of videos posted by MrTomBeans that are a complete game play walkthough of the original Cave Story free pc game. This video runs 18 min and 26 seconds and goes through the first levels and Mini Boss. The video series is a great tool for those wanting to see what the game play of Cave Story offers as well as those looking to get past a difficult spot.

Super Mario XP Game Play Video

This game play video goes through the first two levels of Super Mario XP and how it mixes elements from two great platform games from the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania.

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