10 Best Free Battle Royale PC Games You Should Be Playing

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A little background on Battle Royale games before we get to our list of top free battle royale games.

Battle Royale is a genre of multiplayer video games that pits players against each other in s a quest for survival to be the last man standing. Common game play elements of Battle Royale games include survival, scavenging, crafting and construction. Many also feature game play on a large map which closes in around a point which players must stay within. The genre’s origin can be linked to a number of older games. Many multiplayer shooters since the late 1990s and early 2000s have featured a last man standing mode which is a primary element of Battle Royale games. Likewise the idea of a shrinking safe area can be found in early video games such as 1983’s Bomberman. Yet more aspects such as survival, crafting and construction come from more modern games such as Minecraft, Arma 2 and the Day Z Arma 2 mod.

Whatever the origin, the genre really took hold 2017 with the release Fortnite Battle Royale. In the time since then, the genre has exploded with more and more free to play battle royale versions of popular franchises coming to market.

The list that follows are what we consider to be some of the top (and best) battle royale games that are also completely free to play. So without further ado, click next or swipe left to start the countdown to the best free battle royale games.

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