How to Install and Play CHAMP Kong in DOSBox

Main start screen for the free Donkey Kong clone CHAMP Kong.

What is CHAMP Kong and why DOSBox?

CHAMP Kong is a free Donkey Kong clone/remake that was original developed for MS-DOS operating system. What does this mean exactly? Well it means if you are reading this and expecting to play this game on a PC that was purchased in the past 20 years or so, you probably wont be able to play the game straight from the download without a little help.

Good thing for us that there is DOSBox, the standard bearer when it comes to MS-DOS emulation and playing classic/old PC games that have either been abandoned or not updated since the early days of PC Gaming. If you’re familiar with DOSBox, great, this guide will end fairly quickly for you. Simply download CHAMP Kong game files, unzip and save the files to your DOSBox mounted directory, install and then play.

If you’re like many others out there who aren’t overly familiar with DOSBox, do not fear, this guide to install and play CHAMP Kong from DOSBox will take you through all the steps to get you up and running. If we somehow fail to do that or you run into any errors along the way be sure to post a comment and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible with some tips. So without further ado, here is your step by step guide on installing and playing CHAMP Kong from DOSBox… for free!

1. Download and Install DOSBox

The first task you’ll need to complete is to download and install DOSBox on the PC you intend to play the game from. Head on over to downloads page and download the Windows or other version if you’re not running Windows. The current/stable version to install is DOSBox v0.74. Once downloaded, unzip and install. Choosing default installation options are sufficient.

DOSBox Downloads Screen

DOSBox Downloads Screen – Choose the version that matches the operating system you plan to run DOS Games on.


2. Download CHAMP Kong

Next you’ll want to download the zipped game files for CHAMP Kong. These game files can be found here via the CHAMP Kong game page or through a simple “CHAMP Kong download” google search to find the official site for the game.

3. Extract CHAMP Kong Game files.

Once you’ve downloaded CHAMP Kong, your next step is to extract the game files to a folder location on your PC that you intend to “mount” in DOSBox. This folder can be your my documents folder, a downloads folder or any location on your PC. However since you will need to type in the folder location, it’s best to keep it simple and setup a DOSBox folder that will host all your MS-DOS based games in something like c:\games or c:\DOSGames.

HINT: Its best to name your game directories to eight(8) or less characters so MS-DOS file names were limited to 8 characters.

Its best to keep your DOSBox folder to something simple such as c:\games

4. Start DOSBox and Mount Games Directory

Things start to get fun at this step, we’re getting closer to playing an arcade classic. In this step, start up DOS Box from the Windows Start Menu or a shortcut icon. Upon start up you’ll notice that DOSBox opens two windows, one status window and one terminal window. Both windows are required to remain open during play of any DOS game. From the terminal window you should notice a Z:\> prompt. From this Z prompt, enter the following commands to mount your game directory into DOSBox so DOSBox can read from your hard drive/folder location.

Mount Command: mount c <your folder/drive location> (example: mount c c:\games)

This basically mounts c:\games in DOSBox and DOSBox looks at c:\games as its own C drive.

DOSBox Startup screen opens two windows a status window and terminal window. You enter all commands in the terminal window shown on top in above image.

DOSBox successfully mounting c:\games from my PC as DOSBox C drive.

5. Change Directories, List Files and Install CHAMP Kong

Once your drive is mounted in DOSBox change to the C Drive and then to the CHAMP Kong directory. Once at the CHAMP Kong directory list out the directory and type in “install” to install the game in DOSBox. The next few screenshots walk you through step by step.

Here are the directories on your C Drive in DOSBox (really c:\games in this example). Note the other games DAGGER and DFCD are unrelated to CHAMP Kong.

Change directory to c:\CHAMP and enter “dir” into the DOSBox terminal to see the installation files.

Type “install” into terminal to start CHAMP Kong Installation. User required to hit enter to confirm options – default options are sufficient.

Players can watch progress of installation which should take no more than 30-60 seconds.

6. Confirm Installation

Once the installation progress bar reaches 100% the players should be returned to the DOSBox command prompt to the location/folder where CHAMP Kong was installed.

Successful installation should create a directory given in installation screens and show the game files. KONG.exe is the main executable.

7. Play CHAMP Kong

Once the above steps have been confirmed and completed simply type in “Kong” into the DOSBox command prompt and CHAMP Kong will start up. The main game menu includes start game, options and exit to dos options.Use up/down arrow keys to navigate menu and enter key to select. Game uses arrow keys and control key for movement and jump.

Main start screen for the free Donkey Kong clone CHAMP Kong.

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