Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Free for PC on Rockstar Games Launcher

Get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Free for Limited Time

UPDATE: This promotion from Rockstar Games to get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for free ends on Tuesday Oct 8th. Make sure to download and install Rockstar Games Launcher before then. Also starting on October 9th, gamers will be able to pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC on the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Like many game publishers such as Epic Games, EA and of course Valve, Rockstar Games has entered digital distribution world. On September 17, 2019, Rockstar Games launched it’s own digital distribution platform called Rockstar Games Launcher. The Rockstar Games Launcher contains some of the most popular and recent Rockstar games for the PC. With the Rockstar Games Launcher PC gamers will be able to purchase, download and play games via the launcher, save progress with cloud saves and receive automatic game updates and bug fixes. You’ll also be able to track all the latest news from Rockstar Games in their news feed.

Many games for sale on Rockstar Games Launcher are available on other digital distribution platforms such as Steam. Players will be able to launch games purchased directly from Rockstar or from Steam through the Launcher. Many of the games featured in Rockstar Games Launcher also connects with Rockstar Games Social Club. This social networking platform allow players to form or join groups called “Crews”. These crews allows players to pool and combine achievements in order to unlock bonus features.

Some of the games for sale on Rockstar Games Launcher include Red Dead Redemption II, L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto IV Max Payne series and more. For a limited time downloading Rockstar Games Launcher and registering an account will get you a bonus free copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the PC. This incentive won’t last so be sure to head on over to Rockstar Games Launcher site before it’s gone.

Another Digital Game Platform?

Some of you may find the thought of yet another PC games launcher to be unnecessary; remember we have Steam, Epic Games, Origins, GOG, and many others… However, those wanting to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, for free, may find it worthwhile. There’s no word on if classic titles Grand Theft Auto or GTA II will become available on Rockstar Games Launcher. Currently the application is only available for Windows based PC.

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