Duke Nukem 3D is a first person shooter developed by 3D Realms released in 1996 for MS-DOS based PCs. Originally released under the shareware model that allows gamers to try out a few missions for free in hopes of enticing them to purchase. The game became very popular selling more than 3 million copies and the source code was released as free. It has since become one a classic first person shooters released for the PC. After more than 15 years much of which was spent in development limbo, there was a sequel released in 2011 titled Duke Nukem Forever.

Set sometime in the 21st century, Duke Nukem picks up where Duke Nukem II left off. Duke has been shot down over Los Angeles on his return to Earth to find it under an Alien Invasion. Duke cancels his much needed vacation to fight and defeat the aliens at whatever the cost.

Similar to the release of the Doom source code, 3D Realms also released the source code for Duke Nukem 3D in 2003 and since then a number of free source clones have been developed and released. The first clone was released by where it is still available, albeit quite old and no longer updated. EDuke32, released in 2004, is by far the most popular Duke Nukem 3D source port . It has been updated a number of times since it’s initial release to support more advanced graphics shader models and more.

The Duke Nukem 3D source port, EDuke32 is completely open source and free to download and play for non-commercial use. The game is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Upgrades to game play include a new heads up display, WSAD/Mouse controls and more. It also features support for high resolution displays, multiplayer capability and the same great single player story found in the original game. EDuke32 does require the full version of Duke Nukem 3D. If you’re looking to play the original game in its MS-DOS format you will need to run using DOSBox.

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