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Abuse is a side-scrolling action game for the PC that was originally released in 1994 by Electronic Arts. In the Abuse game players control a wrongfully convicted criminal who has been imprisoned in a facility which performs medical experiments and research on its prisoners. Armed with a simple laser gun, players must escape the prison and stop the medical mutations that have been unleashed upon the general prison population. Also stopping it from spreading to the outside world.

The Abuse game uses a somewhat unique controls and game play for a side scrolling platform game. Controls use the combined mouse and keyboard where the mouse allows players to aim where their weapon fires while keyboard controls movement. The game play offered in the Abuse game is face paced action combined with some basic puzzle solving.

Other Abuse game play options and features include fighting against various types of mutants created from the facility’s experiments. In addition to the laser pistol, which has unlimited ammo, that players start Abuse features many other types of weapons. These include explosive weapons such as the grenade launcher and rocket launcher. Power-ups, health and shields can also be found along the way to increase the player’s firepower, health and armor/defense.

Abuse Game – Open Source Info

The Abuse game was originally released in 1994 for MS-DOS based PCs. The game was developed by Crack dot Com which was founded by some ex-id Software game developers. Abuse was the only release for Crack dot Com which closed in 1998.

Crack dot Com released their Abuse game into the public domain making it open source in 1997, just 2-3 years after its release. Since this release to open source, Abuse has been updated and ported to a number of different gaming platforms and operating systems. Clones and ports include versions for MS-DOS, Windows, Mac OS, AIX, Amiga, AmigaOS, and Linux. The official Abuse open source site and Abuse source code is now maintained bt Sam Hocevar. His site contains all of the latest information and updates that have been made to the game including 64-bit support, numerous bug fixes, and more. The last update to the game’s source was made in May 2011 so the continued support/development is probably unlikely but the site is a good place to get a copy of the source code.

How to Play Abuse

Abuse can be downloaded from a number of third party PC gaming websites and abandonware websites that are detailed in the Abuse game download page. In addition to these downloads, Abuse is fully playable and can be downloaded from the Internet PC gaming site which is also detailed on the Abuse game download page.

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