About 4D Prince of Persia Game

4D Prince of Persia game download is a freeware clone or remake of the classic action/adventure game Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner. The original Prince of Persia was released in 1989 for the Apple II computer and received very positive reviews and commercial success. The game was quickly ported over to MS-DOS and other video game systems starting in 1990. Today, Prince of Persia is considered to be one of the all time classic adventure video games.

The 4D Prince of Persia game is a freeware version that was released in 1994. It recreates many of the fun and exciting game play elements found in the original. In addition to remaking the original Prince of Persia, it also ramps the challenges up a notch with some unique and tricky levels and enemies that are completely unique to this version.

4D Prince of Persia Game Plot & Storyline

The storyline in 4D Prince of Persia game as well as the original Prince of Persia game are very similar. In the story the Sultan’s wizard, Jaffar, has seized control and imprisons the Sultan’s daughter (the princess) in the Sultan’s very own dungeons. Players will control a nameless hero/protagonist who is in love with the Sultan’s princess and has also been imprisoned by Jaffar.

The primary objectives for players is to escape the dungeon, defeat Jaffar and then rescue the princess all within the 60 minute limit of the game’s playtime. Along the adventure players will encounter various puzzles, obstacles and enemies. These enemies and obstacles are an attempt to thwart the player’s objective of rescuing the princess and freeing the kingdom from Jaffar.

4D Prince of Persia Game Download

Since the release of the original Prince of Persia game in 1989 there have been more than a dozen sequels and titles released in the franchise for many gaming platforms including the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, PSP and more.

The 4D Prince of Persia game download is currently only available for the PC from a number of third party PC gaming websites. It is worth nothing that this game is an unofficial remake that uses the name and likeness of Prince of Persia which is a protected under international copyright laws.

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