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Apex Legends - Mirage

Apex Legends – Mirage

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

A former bartender, youngest of four brothers and trickster all describe Elliott Witt, also know as Mirage. Growning up he became an expert with Holo-Pilot tech – a technology created by his mother which can project holographic images. While working as a bartender he became intrigued by the amazing stories of fortune and glory won in the Apex Games. Equipped with a custom set of Holo devices that gave him special abilities he decided to join the Apex Games.

As a master of mis-direction Mirage will have enemies chasing after illusions and outwitting opponents with his expertise of holographic technology. Mirage, like Caustic is the second character who does not come unlocked for new players at the start of the game. Players will need to purchase or earn enough in-game currency in order to unlock him.

Primary Role: Offensive
Mirage’s Special Abilities

  • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out – Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive Ability: Encore! – Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down.
  • Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act – Deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.
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