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The Free PC Games page on AllGamesAtoZ is your one stop resource for your favorite gaming platform. It contains information and links on where to find and download all sorts of different PC games for free!

Over the past few years, the PC gaming landscape has changed considerably. The rise of digital distribution platforms such as Steam, and Epic Games has reduced retail physical copies of PC games to almost nothing. This and the rise in popularity of PC gaming as a whole, has also contributed to the increase in the availability of free PC games. There has also been a resurgence of classic, retro style games, many of which have been released for free or minimal cost. Many of these new free games have become more popular than paid, retail releases and are part of the eSports arena with player vying for huge cash prizes.

Finally, the free PC Games page provides you with a starting point for finding these games. The most logical starting points is our Best PC Games of 2019 list which features games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends or browse the full list of games profiled here in our Free PC Games A to Z list. Each game page provides an overview of the game. In addition, each page also provides a guide to “how free” the game is as well as where and how the game can be downloaded and played.

Free PC Game Lists & More

Looking for that one list for all the PC games featured here? The easy to use  Free PC Game list provides an alphabetical listing of all the free PC games. In addition to the A-Z list, the list view page sorts the games by the most added. This list also features screenshots and game summary. The games included in these lists include older and popular commercial PC games that have been released as freeware, remakes and homebrew releases.

In addition to the game lists found below, you can also browse through the most popular, highest rated, and latest games added to the site. Finally there’s a news section and other miscellaneous resources on Free PC Games that you should find helpful. What you won’t find here is new commercial/retail games that have not been made available for free download.

What are PC Games?

While a Mac or Linux computer are considered personal computers, the term PC Games typically refer to games that have been developed for a Microsoft based operating system. That is what this page is dedicated to. The PC games featured here span all of the major Microsoft operating systems from MS-DOS all the way through Windows 10. Many older MS-DOS games may require you to download and install an emulator such as DOSBox. Our DOSBox Tutorial gives you step by step instructions on how to setup. Most other games can be installed and played without any additional programs.

Looking for Mac or Linux games ? Then be sure to check out the Free Mac Games and Free Linux Games A to Z listings.

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