Escape From Monkey Island Free for Amazon Prime Members

Free PC Games for Amazon Prime Members

This month Amazon Prime members will be able to get their hands on Lucas Arts classic adventure game Escape From Monkey Island for free.

To claim the free game you’ll need to login to your Amazon Prime account (or sign up for 30 day free trial) and get over to the Prime gaming site. From there all you need to do is click on the “Claim Game” link and it’ll be added to your library.

In addition to the offer for Escape From Monkey Island there are three lesser known games available. These include WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship, Calico, and Astrologaster. All four games will be available through the end of June 2022 and are free to keep forever. (or as long as you have an Amazon Prime membership).

About Escape From Monkey Island

Escape From Monkey Island is a LucasArts adventure game originally released in 2000. It is the fourth game in the Monkey Island series of point and click adventure games and the direct sequel to The Curse of Monkey Island.

In the game players will control pirate Guybrush Threepwood who is on a quest to return his wife to the office of governor and thwart LeChuck’s plans. The game received high praise when it was released and is noted as one of the best games released in 2000.

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