Doom 64 Free from Epic Games – Limited Time!

Download the classic Doom 64 for free from Epic Games

Doom 64 is the direct sequel to Doom II and follows the years since the invasion of Earth was stopped, and the Mars based was since abandoned and forgotten. However, now a satellite has picked up a possible sole survivor that could call up the demons of Hell. Players take on the role of the lone marine who fought off the demon hordes in the first two games to take them on again for a third and hopefully final time.

Doom 64, the first Doom game that was released for Nintendo 64 in 1997, saw an enhanced version for the PC released in 2020 and became available on digital distribution platforms less than two weeks ago. Now Epic Games is giving the game away for free until tomorrow, August 25th. You’ll need to have a Epic Games account (or sign up/register) and then proceed through the checkout process but once that’s done the game will be yours to keep. Better act fast though as the promotion expires in less than 24 hours from now at 10am (PST). After that, the game will go back to regular price of $4.99.

The game includes upgraded graphics/visuals, improved controls, gamepad support, high resolution support, 60 frames per second support, and more than 30 levels including lost levels.

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