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Alien Swarm free game is a free multiplayer shooter developed by Valve Corporation and released for free on Steam in 2010. Alien Swarm free game is played from the top down or birds eye view perspective. The game takes place in the year 2052 and centers around a human colonized planet that has been overrun by invading aliens. Players take on the role of a space marine as they arrive to search for survivors of the invasion.

Players will face off against waves of aliens, simply known as the Swarm, as they search for survivors and attempt to defeat the aliens. To do this they must first deliver a thermonuclear warhead into the center of the complex, activate it and return to their ship and leave the planet prior to the bomb exploding.

While not officially stated on the Steam game page, the inspiration for Alien Swarm appears to have come from the movie Aliens and loosely follows the plot of the movie with marines coming in to search for survivors and having to face off against a horde of aliens.

Alien Swarm Features

Alien Swarm features a single campaign story that is playable cooperatively with up to four players. Alien Swarm is a remake of Alien Swarm 2K4 which was a total conversion model for Unreal Tournament 2004. Valve brought in many of the developers who worked on the full conversion mod for the development of Alien Swarm using the Source game engine.

Alien Swarm features over 40 pieces of equipment and weapons for players to find and utilize, 4 unique character classes and 8 unique characters to choose from, match making and a map generation tool which allows players to create their own maps to play.

Alien Swarm Download

Alien Swarm free game download is available from Steam digital distribution platform. The Alien Swarm 2K4 total conversion mod is also available for download but this does require the full version of Unreal Tournament 2004 in order to play.

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