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Abuse is a side scrolling platform game released in 1994 for the PC. It was released as open source in 1997 and is free to download and play. The following resources are the most up to date links and information you will find on the Abuse game. Unfortunately many of the resources found on the official Abuse game page are no longer working so we must rely on the Internet Archive for some information and links.

Play Abuse Now

Don’t feel like downloading the game and installing on DOSBox? Then be sure to check out the Abuse game page at the Internet Archive where you can play the original Abuse game in your web browser. If you’re looking to download the game, you’re also in luck because InternetArchive also includes the original game files available for download. Playing the game does not require any additional installation or configuration as the game runs on a browser based MS-DOS emulator. This browser based version does have limitations and may not contain full functionality such as saving games and multiplayer. For full functionality it is best to download and play the original game files.

More Abuse Download Links and Availability

The original Abuse source code can still be dowloaded from the main Abuse website that is maintained. The latest version of the game that has been released on this site is Abuse 0.8. In addition to the latest updates for Abuse, the site also features Golgotha which was the game being developed by Crack dot Com prior to the development company went bankrupt in 1998.

In addition to the original source code, compiled versions of the game can be found on a number of gaming websites including those detailed below. It is worth nothing that all of these versions will require you to configure and install the game through some MS-DOS emulator such as DOSBox as the game was originally made for MS-DOS.

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