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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Screenshot

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free to play World War II multiplayer first person shooter in which players will fight on teams of Axis or Allies soldiers from World War II. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory free PC game features team based combat with an emphasis on cooperation in order to claim victory. Players will choose from one of five soldier classes to play, each having a unique set of skills, abilities and weapon loadouts.

Soldier classes in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory include:

  1. Covert Ops - This class allows for players to steal the uniforms of killed enemies in order to operate behind enemy lines.
  2. Engineers - Used to plant and detonate explosives as well as diffuse mines and explosive and build structures such as bridges, towers and forward bases.
  3. Medics - Medics provide first aid to fallen teammates offering health regeneration
  4. Field Ops - Field ops soldiers offer support through mortar barrage and artillery.
  5. Soldier - Basic infantry soldier is the main fighting force for both Axis & Allies forces.

Victory conditions in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory can be objective based and are not tied to a single battle or map offering a linked objective based victory condition that is spread across three maps to form a campaign. During a campaign, players will earn experience and gain levels which will unlock new abilities and weapons. There are a total of 28 "enhanced abilities" that can be earned through multiplayer play.

In addition to multiplayer campaign mode, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory also includes additional game modes such as a team based Last Man Standing, Stopwatch model and basic Objective mode.

The Wolfenstein Enemy Territory free pc game is available for free download from Splash Damage, the game's developer and is available for Windows PCs, Mac OS X and Linux operating system.

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