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FreeOrion is a free, open source video game for Microsoft Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS X. The FreeOrion free game information found here will help you in downloading and installing the game for free. FreeOrion is a turn based 4x space empire and galactic conquest game that has been inspired by the Master of Orion series of strategy video games. FreeOrion is neither a clone or remake however, it is a unique, stand alone game.

In the game players will generate a galaxy, choose a faction/species and then begin to build their empire. Players will start a home planet and small fleet. From this they will venture out to colonize new planets and systems to expand their empire, collect more resources and build larger fleets.

FreeOrion includes a complex technology/research tree along with a robust faction management aspect where players will have a great deal of control over the planets they colonize. Planets rich in natural resource can be focused on industry/resource gathering while others can be research based and more. Players will also have the ability to create custom ships based om their own designs and specifications.

The game is turn based and like every 4X strategy game there is a combat aspect as well with players fighting against fleets of opposing factions, conquering planets that have been colonized by other factions/species and more.

FreeOrion is completely free to download and install for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is in a state of continual development. The latest stable build is FreeOrion version 0.4.6 which was released on Octover 31, 2016 but there are test build released fairly regularly. The official FreeOrion free download page provides a great resource for getting the latest and greatest version of the game.

In addition to the download page, there is a FreeOrion quick play guide wiki that includes a wealth of information, background and tutorials on the game. A few walkthrough tutorial videos are also features here on as well.

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