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Gene Rally

Gene Rally is a free racing PC game that has been inspired by retro arcade classics such as Super Sprint. It features top down game play with a view of the race course as players try to drive their cars to victory on dozens of different race tracks. The main game comes with a few tracks but there is an official track editor that allows users to create their own. This has spawned a large number of ...[Read More]

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Cave Story (Original) – The Beginning (Part 1, Mini Boss)

Part 1 of 10 of a series of videos posted by MrTomBeans that are a complete game play walkthough of the original Cave Story free pc game. This video runs 18 min and 26 seconds and goes through the first levels and Mini Boss. The video series is a great tool for those wanting to see what the game play of Cave Story offers as well as those looking to get past a difficult spot.

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