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Sorry this is not a good sim/game for anyone who wants even a little realism. The PK (probability of kill) is not right, and the use of “suicide aircraft” because an enemy is in a situation he can not get out of is nothing but BS. Don’t sell something as a “good” WWII battle sim and then provide this garbage. Must have been created by wanna be’s sitting on a cou...[Read More]

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MineTest Download Minetest is a free sandbox style video game that was created by Perttu Ahola in 2010 and is heavily inspired by Minecraft, Infiminer and other similar Minecraft games. The game is open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and the Minetest download of the game, source and any mods are completely free. Upon first look at Minetest, it is easy to see the infl...[Read More]

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