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About Alien Arena

Alien Arena is a free online multiplayer first person shooter video game released in 2004 by COR Entertainment. The game was developed with teh CRX open source game engine that is based on id Softwares Quake II or id Tech 2 game engine. Alien Arena is available for play on a number of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

The first version of Alien Arena was originally released as CodeRED: Alien Arena in 2004 after two single player versions of the game were releaased, CodeRED: Battle for Earth and CodeRED: Martian Chronicles which are both considered Quake II mods. In 2006 the CodeRED portion of the title was removed and teh game was released simply as Alien Arena. The latest version build on CRX version 7.66 was released in September 2013. There have been a small number of posts/updates made to the official Alien Arena website since then but no news on any future updates or plans.

Alien Arena Features

The game play for Alien Arena is similar to that of Quake, Doom and the Unreal Tournament series of first person shooters. The game is primarly a online multiplayer shooter but does offer a limited single player match mode played against AI controlled bots. Multiplayer game modes include Team Core Assault, Tactical Deathmatch, Cattele Prod, Duel, Deathball, Capture the Flag and All Out Assault. Each game mode of Alien Arena also offers a host of settings allowing players to customize matches.

Other game play features of Alien Arena include eight playable characters, more than 60 levels to achieve, nearly a dozen different weapons, ability to dodge, strafe jumping and more.

Alien Arena Free Download and Availability

Alien Arena is based on an open source game engine and the game itself was made available for free download from COR Entertainment. The latest version Alien Arena 7.66 is available for download from their official website. The Alien Arena download page includes links and information on the download as well as links to various gaming sites that offer the game for download.

The availability of other CodeRED titles, specifically the single player CodeRED: Battle for Earth and CodeRED: Martian Chronicles is currently not available/found. In addition to the Alien Arena game download, there is also information on other open source games that were inspiration for Alien Arena including Quake I, II and III Source, Doom 3 Source and more.

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